LI Pigments Lip Colors – Aqua

LI Pigments Lip Colors – Aqua


LI Permanent Cosmetic Pigment Colors are specially formulated to minimize touch-ups leaving clients with beautiful color months and even years later!

LI Pigments: The Preferred Pigment of the Discriminating Cosmetic Tattoo Professional

“Colors that Truly hold True.. Every Time”

LI Pigment Lip Colors offer a lovely range of durable pigments to meet the needs of skin tones from Fitzpatrick I through Fitzpatrick IV. Tattooing lips of Fitzpatrick IV and V is not recommended. Refer to the Color Identification Chart (CIC) for mixing tips and complete color description.

LI Pigments does not use any industrial dyes and only selects colorants deemed safe by the FDA for use in food, drugs and cosmetics.

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