Ruby Red** (cool)

Ruby Red** (cool)

Note: lip color will always soften. as skin cells grow over the tattoo, the vivid color will fade. All lips are ‘blue’ in the permanent cosmetic world. Depending on Fitzpatrick Skin Type, the amount of ‘blue’ contributed by the natural lip color may be determined. By using safe pigments please understand a truly ‘red’ lip may never be obtained. Expecting a truly red lip color is unrealistic ~LiZa

Sheer red lip color. Use as a mixer for any lip color to add depth.

Used alone, this organic color will be very sheer.

Mix with Mauve (formerly Areola Red) for a more opaque red.

Mix with Brown (formerly Areola Brown) for Terra Cotta.

Not recommended for Fitzpatrick IVĀ & V

*price updated 7-10-14 per LI Pigments Management

**Price updated 6-2015 as per LI Pigment Admin

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