Color Identification Chart (CIC)

Color Identification Chart (CIC)

Color Temp Base Suggested Use:
Eyeliner Colors
OnyxMUST HAVE Cool² BlackInorganic Soft Black eyeliner or lash enhancement appropriate for and complements all Fitzpatrick skin types. Will offer dramatic contrast against light eye color.Black-BLACK³
Ultra Black NEW Cool² Black Organic/Inorganic  Carbon based black mixed ½ with Iron Oxides. Use alone only in upper lash line within inner & outer corners. For technicians experienced with carbon blacks only. Migration can occur if used by an inexperienced technician.Black-BLACK³
Midnight Black Cool² BlackInorganic Carbon-based true black eyeliner or lash enhancement. For carbon based experienced technicians only. Migration can occur if used by an inexperienced technician. Black-BLACK³
Black MagicMUST HAVE Cool² Brown/BlackInorganic Soft black eyeliner.  Added warmth prevents bluing.  Not used for eyebrows.  Good for all skin tones and eye colors. Brown-BLACK³
Ebony BrownMUST HAVE Cool² w/ warm tone Brown/YellowInorganic Rich dark chocolate eyeliner. Appropriate for all skin tones and eye colors. Also see eyebrow section. Black-BROWN³
Jade Cool² Green/BlueInorganic Fashion Green eyeliner. Mix with Taupe for a sage color. Mix withCharcoal for a smoky liner. Deepen with Ebony Brown or BlackMagic. Works well for people with green or blue eyes above black lash enhancement.
Ocean Blue Cool² BlueOrganic & Inorganic Fashion Blue eyeliner. Mix with Jade for teal eyeliner. Mix withTaupe for muted soft color or with Charcoal for smoky effect. Works well for people with green or blue eyes above black lash enhancement.
Rich Sapphire NEW Cool² Violet/BlueOrganic & Inorganic Deep Violet eyeliner. Use above a black lash enhancement for accent. Use on brown or blue eyes above a black lash enhancement.
Charcoal Cool² Gray BlackInorganic True charcoal. Good for ‘minimum commitment’ eyeliner and for male lash enhancement. Works well for people with very light blue or gray eyes.
EYELINER HALO COLORS       Pre-Mixed eyeliner enhancements for soft shaded “Designer Liner” Placed directly above eyeliner color -upper lids
Halo Khaki Neutral¹ Green/BrownYellow/BrownInorganic Use above black upper lash enhancement, brown or black eyeliner. Beautiful on Hazel eyes.Use on Fitzpatrick I-V.
Halo Forest Cool² Green/BrownInorganic Use above black upper lash enhancement, brown or black eyeliner. Beautiful on Hazel or Green eyes.Use on Fitzpatrick I-V.
Halo Denim Cool² Blue/GrayOrganic &Inorganic Use above black upper lash enhancement, brown or black eyeliner. Beautiful on Blue or Gray eyes.Use on Fitzpatrick I-IV.
Halo Taupe Neutral¹ Gray/BrownInorganic Use above black upper lash enhancement, brown or black eyeliner. Beautiful on all eye colors.Use on Fitzpatrick I-III.
Halo Brown Neutral¹ BrownOrganic &Inorganic Use above black upper lash enhancement, brown or black eyeliner.Use on Fitzpatrick I-V. Beautiful on all eye colors.
Eyebrow Colors
SaharaMust have Neutral¹ Yellow/GreenInorganic & Organic Lightest blonde brow. Appropriate for most Fitzpatrick I and II skin types. Use to lighten intensity of other LI brow colors.
Auburn Warm²   Auburn brow color for Fitzpatrick I-II skin types. Recommended for cool skin tones. Mix with Sahara for light strawberry blonde brow. Mix with Autumn Gold for medium strawberry blonde brow. Mix with any brow color to add warmth
BreveMust have Neutral¹ Yellow/Green/BrownInorganic & Organic A well balanced soft golden blonde brow color for Fitzpatrick I-III skin.
Crème Latte Cool² Yellow/GrayInorganic & Organic A well balanced neutral to cool blonde brow color for FitzpatrickI-III skin
Autumn GoldMust have Warm² Yellow/BrownInorganic & Organic Soft warm light brown eyebrow color for use on Fitzpatrick II-IV skin types. Will not fade to orange.
Latte Neutral¹ Yellow/BrownOrganic & Inorganic A well balanced medium blonde brow color for Fitzpatrick III – IV skin. May add Autumn Gold if warmer temperature is desired.
Hazelnut Neutral¹ Yellow/GreenInorganic A well balanced universal brow color for most Fitzpatrick III-V skin when light to medium brown brow is desired. May addAuburn as needed for dark auburn brows`.
Cappuccino Neutral¹ Yellow/GreenInorganic A well balanced medium brown brow color, slightly cool²er thanHazelnut. Use on Fitzpatrick III – V skin tones.
MochaccinoMust have Neutral¹ Yellow/GreenInorganic A well balanced rich brown brow color, slightly darker thanHazelnut Use on Fitzpatrick III – V skin
Navajo BrownMust have Warm² Red/BrownInorganic Use to obtain a true warm brown eyebrow. Will NOT turn orange! Use on Fitzpatrick III-V
TaupeMust have Cool² toNeutral¹ Gray/BrownInorganic True Taupe brow color, can be used alone on cool² undertones with the exception of ruddy skin undertones. For use on people with white/gray hair to obtain cool complementary color of eyebrows.Yields a light to medium ash brown on Fitzpatrick III-IV skin types.Neutralize eyebrows that have turned a reddish color.Mixes well with Cocoa, Hazelnut, and Cappuccino, Sahara, Brève and Crème Latte. Darken with Eskimo Gray. Lighten with Sahara.
Cocoa Cool² Yellow/GreenInorganic Medium to dark elegant brown brow color for Fitzpatrick III-V skinDarker than Mochaccino. Add Un-gray for cool skin undertones.
Eskimo Gray Cool² Gray Inorganic Ideal brow color for senior women with salt & pepper hair color who are accustomed to wearing gray or taupe pencil. Lighten with Taupe.
EspressoMust have Cool² Yellow/GreenInorganic Dark brown eyebrow color. Good for Asian Fitzpatrick V skinUse to darken Hazelnut, Mochaccino, or Cocoa.
Ebony BrownAlso see Eyeliner Cool² w/Warmundertone Brown/YellowInorganic Use with caution on eyebrows. This is a rich dark black-BROWN³.May be used for eyebrows of dark Fitzpatrick IV skin type, w/ drop of Caribbean Mod or Un-Gray to avoid ‘ashing-out’


Autumn RedMUST HAVE Warm² Red/OrangeBoth Organic & Inorganic Terra-Cotta Red lip color.  Strawberry blondes, warm or freckled complexions, hazel-eyed brunettes and redheads.  Add Mango for vibrancy or Ruby Red for depth.
PinkFormerly Areola Pink Neutral¹ Orange/Pink-GrayInorganic Most popular color for creating a natural lip. Enhance vermillionborder of lips to create natural lip line.Add to natural lip colors for more opacity.
MauveFormerly Areola Red Cool² Orange/Yellow -PinkInorganic Add to Autumn Red or Candy Apple for brick red lip liner or fill.Add to Indian Earth w/ drop Ruby for red wine lip color.Add to Ruby Red for more opacity.
Darkenalf Cool² Red/PinkBoth Organic & Inorganic Mauve lip color.  Use with caution on ethnic lips.  Don’t be fooled by warm color in bottle.  Heals cooler than it looks.  Use on medium skin tones with blue or brown eyes. (Fitzpatrick II – III)
Ruby RedMUST HAVE Cool² Red/VioletOrganic Sheer red lip color. Use as a mixer for any lip color to add depth.Used alone, color will be very sheer.Mix with Mauve (formerly Areola Red) for a more opaque red.Mix with Brown (formerly Areola Brown) for Terra Cotta.Not recommended for Fitzpatrick IV and higher without modification.
Rose Petal Neutral¹ Pink/RedBoth Organic & Inorganic •Fitzpatrick I-II: Yields a soft natural lip color.•Fitzpatrick III: Add drop of Ruby Red, Soft Plum or Valentine Kiss•Fitzpatrick IV: Add Pink or Mauve (formerly Areola colors) for more opacity.
Strawb/Cream MUST HAVE Cool² Red/Pink-VioletOrganic •Fitzpatrick I-II: Soft coral lip color.•Fitzpatrick III: Neutral¹ mauve-pink lip color.•Fitzpatrick IV: Will heal cool strawberry color.•Fitzpatrick V: add Neon Orange ModifierAdd Mango for vibrancy or Ruby Red for depth.

Add Pink or Mauve (formerly Areola colors) for opacity..

Indian Earth Warm Red/BrownBoth Organic & Inorganic Mix with Darkenalf for beautiful brown mauve color onFitzpatrick III-IV. Add Mango to brighten for Fitzpatrick II-III.Add Neon Orange Mod for Fitzpatrick IV.
Candy Apple RedLiZa’S FAVE! Warm² Red/YellowBoth Organic & Inorganic Use to warm up any cooler lip color.•Fitzpatrick I-II: Warm red •Fitzpatrick III: Neutral red•Fitzpatrick IV: Cool red
MangoMUST HAVE Cool² Red/VioletOrganic Cool Coral shade of Red lip color. Add to Country Mauve forSienna Brown lip liner. Add to any inorganic lip color for vibrancy.
Country Mauve Cool² Red/Brown-PinkBoth Organic & Inorganic Medium brown mauve lip color•Fitzpatrick I-II: Mix with Strawberries & Crème, Mango or RosePetal.•Fitzpatrick III-IV: Mix with Candy Apple Red, Autumn Red•Fitzpatrick V: Add Neon Orange Mod
Modifier/Correction Colors
Neon Orange Mod Warm² Orange/YellowOrganic
  • Neutralizes blue and purple lips.
  • Do not use alone.  Must be added to lip color before implantation.
24 Carat Mod Warm ² YellowInorganic Warm Yellow ochre. Use for warming colors when yellow is desiredand for correcting light to medium faded gray brows.
Olive Mod Cool² Green/YellowInorganic Neutralizes orange and pink eyebrows.  Can be used directly from bottle over orange and pink brows or mixed with target color.
Caribbean Mod Warm² Red/BrownOrganic & Inorganic Neutralizes dark grey, green and blue eyebrows. If old eyeliner hasturned blue and client desires brown eyeliner, apply Caribbean Mod,then Ebony Brown. This color works well for lip line modification onFitzpatrick VI.
Yellow Olive Mod Neutral¹ YellowInorganic Use to neutralize brows that have gone gray. Ochre color yields excellent coverage. Higher opacity than Autumn Gold. Corrector
Lighten Up! Neutral¹ Yellow/GreenInorganic Use to go over a brow that has gone a bit too dark. Also use to dilute intensity of darker brow colors.
Un-Grey Mod Warm² OrangeInorganic Used to neutralize stubborn gray or blue brows of medium density.
Butternut Lip Mod Warm² Beige/YellowOrganic &Inorganic Do not use alone! Lip use only. Can be added to both warm & cool lip shades to tone down and soften intensity. Only a small amount is needed as an additive to achieve a soft muted look. If too much is added, it could cause excessive lack of color within the lips.
Brow Mod Cool² Green/GrayInorganic Use directly to obtain a Light Taupe Blonde; Light Ash BrownEyebrow for cool skin undertones. On warm undertones, a light brown will be achieved. To obtain a golden blonde for cool undertones, add a small amount of Lighten Up!. To achieve a warm blonde, add a very small amount of Auburn or Autumn Gold. Use directly to neutralize red, orange, or pink eyebrows. For camouflaging, add a small quantity to equalize skin tones or obtain a gray/olive base. Use in mixtures to prevent from turning reddish/pink.Use in mixtures to correct Eyebrow, Eyeliner, and Areola procedures that have turned reddish/pink.
Desert Beige Mod Cool² White/PinkInorganic Lightens colors when added to other shades. Do not mix with brow. Lip or eyeliner colors. Use only to lighten areola colors.
Highliner Cool² Pale Pink / WhiteInorganic Lightens color when added to other shades. Eyeliner Highlighter or enhancer, While placing white liner above black eyeliner is popular in some countries, it is not advisable universally.
Areola and Skin Colors
Sand Cool² Pale Pink/YellowGray Inorganic Pale pink beige areola
Nude Cool² Pale Pink/ GrayInorganic Pale pink areola.
Blush (formerly Areola Blush) Cool² Gray/PinkInorganic Use for light outer border zone or to dilute intensity of darker areola cool colors.
Flesh Neutral¹ Pink/Yellow; GrayInorganic Soft Medium Pink Beige Areola.
Honey Neutral¹ MustardYellow/GrayInorganic Equalizes skin tones and areola applications. Add to Lip mixtures to lighten and equalize color.
Pink (formerly Areola Pink) Neutral¹ Orange/Pink-GrayInorganic Pink areolas. Mid to outer areola zone.Most popular color for creating a natural lip. Enhance Vermillion border of lips to create natural lip line. Add to sheer pink lip colors for more opacity. Add to bright pink lip colors for more natural color
Brown Neutral¹ Brown/PinkInorganic Dark brown areolas. Inner areola zone and nipple.Lighten with Desert Beige Mod or BlushAdd drop to red lip colors for browner red.
Mauve Cool² Orange/Yellow -PinkInorganic Red areolas. Add to Autumn Red or Candy Apple for brick red lip liner or fill.Add to Indian Earth w/ drop Ruby for red wine lip color.Add to Ruby Red for more opacity.
Beige Warm² Beige/GrayInorganic Warm beige areolas. Outer areola zoneUse to add warm highlights to an areola mixture
Mocha Warm² Orange/GrayInorganic Use direct on areola procedures to obtain an orange beige areola.Not recommended for warm skin tones.
Berry Ice Tea Warm²/Neutral¹ Pink/RedInorganic Dark Red/Pink Nipple and Areola. Add to warm up areola mixtures.Muted Pink/Brown Mauve Lip Color. Can be used for Nipple Areola either direct or as an additive to ‘pink-up’ the target color used.
Light Salmon Warm² Orange/Pink; Gray Inorganic Use direct on areola procedures to obtain a pink- beige areola. Not recommended on Fitzpatrick V-VI skin types.
Old Rose Warm² Pink/RedInorganic Dark Pink Nipple and Areola. Dark Pink Mocha Lip on cool undertones. Add to warm up areola mixtures
Rose Warm² Yellow/PinkInorganic Medium to Dark Pink Nipple. Dark vermillion border. Add Old Roseon warm undertones
Caramel Neutral¹ Yellow/GrayInorganic Medium Brown areola. Can be used to create Montgomery Glands.
Bisque Warm² Pink/Yellow; GrayInorganic Medium Brown Pink areola. Can be used to create MontgomeryGlands.
Dark Brown Warm² Neutral BrownInorganic Use on darker complexions for Dark Brown Areola.
Medium Brown Warm² Yellow/BrownInorganic Use on darker complexions for a Medium Brown Areola.


¹Neutral signifies no substantial temperature bias. However, all color results are dependent upon skin undertones.

Cool and warm designations indicate the basic temperature bias of the pigment’s undertone.

²A temperature designation does not necessarily indicate absolute cool or warm properties; rather that the primary bias leans toward either cool or warm. There are different degrees of cool and warm. Some cool pigments may be only slightly bias to cool or warm,

Some may be very cool or warm. Each technician must work with L/I pigments and the client’s individual skin undertones to determine the appropriate temperature bias of the correct pigment selection for each client.

³Note on color descriptions: The second word describes the most influential Hue; the first word describes that color’s influence.

Example: brown-BLACK signifies the color is mainly black but has a brown influence. 


For Best Results:

v  Always shake pigment bottles well before each use.

v  Do not dilute pigments.

v  Do not mix different pigment brands.

v  Always prevent cross-contamination by never dispensing color from bottle into pigment cup on workstation. Never handle bottles with contaminated hands.

v  Securely cap bottles immediately after dispensing color.

Unopened containers of pigments have a shelf life up to 10 years from the date of manufacturing if kept in a cool, dry place and not exposed to any extreme temperatures or UV rays.  Based on product ingredients the appropriate expiration date is given. For more information, please contact Lasting Impression.

Opened containers of pigments have a one-year shelf life; (common sense clause)

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