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    Overseas shipments cannot ship for the US flat rate of $10USD. If you are ordering from outside the US please click this button once for the required overseas charge of $25. This will bring your total shipping to $35USD. Thank you.

  • 24 Carat Modifier** (warm)

      Warm Yellow ochre. Use for warming colors when yellow is desired and for correcting light to medium faded gray brows. See also Grey Vanish for correcting mid-tone grey and Caribbean Modifier from correcting Dark grey or even faded blue-ish brows. **denotes June 2015 price increase

  • Beautiful Blonde *CLEARANCE SALE* $25

    Originally known as BLONDE MOD, then BLONDE and now Beautiful Blonde This may be used also as a stand alone color and is quite concentrated. It is a fairly opaque warm sunny blonde. Lighten it with Lighten Up! Modifier.

  • Brow Modifier** (cool)

    Use directly to obtain a Light Taupe Blonde; Light Ash Brown Eyebrow for cool skin undertones. On warm undertones, a light brown will be achieved.  Use directly to neutralize  orange, or pink eyebrows. For camouflaging, add a small quantity to equalize skin tones or obtain a gray/olive base. Use to modify any pigment which has […]

  • Butternut Modifier** (warm)

    Additive Only. Not to be used alone. Lip use only. Can be added to both warm & cool lip shades to tone down and soften. Only a small amount is needed as an additive to achieve a softer muted look. If too much is used the result would be too muted and light.   *price […]

  • Caribbean Modifier $20 *SUPER SALE*

    PRICED TO CLEAR. USUALLY 30 EACH. Neutralizes dark grey, green and blue eyebrows. If old eyeliner has turned blue and client desires brown eyeliner, apply Caribbean Mod, then Ebony Brown or Black Magic. This color works well by itself for lip line modification on Fitzpatrick V & VI.           *Price updated 7-21-14 […]

  • Copper Modifier**(warm)

    Usually used as brow modifier when a very opaque copper color is needed. As a stand-alone brow color it is quite warm and may produce too much warmth. For stand-alone use on Mediterranean Fitzpatrick V skins. See Modifier/correction colors. (209.-1.15) Brn/Y Organic and inorganic *price updated 07-09-14 as per LI Pigments. **mandatory price increase by […]

  • Desert Beige Modifier** (cool)

    Use to lighten other Areola or Skin Colors. Never mix with Eyebrow, Eyeliner or Lip Colors.    *price updated 7-21-14 as per LI Pigments Admin **Price updated 6-2015 as per LI Pigment Admin

  • GOLD YELLOW Modifier** (replaces non-violets)

    Use to neutralize light brows that have gone gray violet. This color is replacing Non-Violets. You will get more bang (yellow) for your buck with GOLD YELLOW than Non Violets Yellow Gold (311) Warm 3 Value 6 Yellow Inorganic Golden Yellow. note: LI Aqua Pigments do not leave unwanted undertones if proper CIC measures are taken […]

  • Grey Vanish**

    For Battling brows that began as medium brown and faded to grey. Use alone over the grey for a pretty golden brown. also see gold yellow, ungrey and caribbean modifier.   **mandatory price increase by LIPigments; June 2015

  • Highliner *CLOSE OUT SALE $25.00*

    Lightens color when added to other shades. Eyeliner Highlighter or enhancer, While placing white liner above black eyeliner is popular in some countries, it is not advisable universally. *price updated 07-09-14 as per LI Pigments **June 2015 Price Increase as per LIPigments Admin

  • Lighten Up!**Modifier (neutral)

    Use to dilute intensity of darker brow colors or use directly over a brow that has gone a bit too dark or cool. NOTE: this is not a color remover     *Price adjustment 7-10-14 per LI Pigment Management **Price updated 6-2015 as per LI Pigment Admin

  • MSD Sheets (MSDS) for Aqua Pigments: PDF flashdrive

    California residents must have MSDS available on-site. Handy Flash Drive of all AQUA formula pigments from LI allows technicians to load all the info directly into the computer.

  • Neon Orange Modifier** (warm)

    Also known as “NOM” Neutralizes blue and purple lips. Mix with lip color before implanting.  Insurnace against blue and purple lips when tattooing Fitzpatric skin types III and higher.  Candy Apple Red may be used as insurance when tattooing lips of Fitzpatrick III. Note: Tattooing Fitzpatrick V and VI Lips never recommended *Price increase 10-29-14 […]

  • Olive Modifier *Clearance $25* only 4 left!

    Neutralizes orange and pink eyebrows. Can be used directly from bottle over orange and pink brows or mixed with target color.   Mix w/ Jade for soft green eyeliner combined with black upper lash enhancement.   *Price updated 7-23-14 per LI pigments Admin **Price updated 6-2015 as per LI Pigment Admin

  • UnGrey *CLEARANCE SALE $20*

    Use to neutralize stubborn gray or faded to blue brows.     Lighten by adding GOLD Yellow for a full range of correcting light to medium blonde brows that have gone ashy. Darken by adding Caribbean Mod for correcting brunette brows that have gone ashy. *Price updated 7-21-14 per LI Pigments Admin. **Price updated 6-2015 as per […]

  • Yellow Olive Modifier** (warm-neutral)

    Use to neutralize brows that have gone light gray. Ochre color yields excellent coverage. This color is also referred to as “YOM”     *price updated 7-21-14 per LI Pigment Admin **Price updated 6-2015 as per LI Pigment Admin