Dear LiZa,
LOVE MY EYEBROWS!!!! Just love them. THANK YOU.

Hi LiZa,
So good to hear from you. I refer people to you all the time. I got many compliments on my eyebrows after the last touch-up. I always enjoy my time with you and I love the work you do. We are so lucky to have your talent here.

Dear LiZa,
I’m writing to thank you for the fantastic service you offer and for your hospital quality professionalism and work environment. I am so pleased with my permanent upper and lower eyeliner I can’t begin to tell you! All my adult life I have worn make up, dark liquid eyeliner being number one on the list. But as anyone who uses liquid liner knows, it is a hassle to apply and quality products are outrageously priced. Furthermore, as I grow older and my skin begins to sag, I cannot seem to find a product that is both easy to apply and that will not smudge off on my upper eye where I like to wear my eye shadow. The look I had always enjoyed was beginning to make me look trashy. Depressing.

Then I saw your website. Permanent eyeliner! I was thrilled. I do a lot of camping, hiking, traveling, swimming, and applying the look I like, (and keeping it on) in those situations is impossible. Call me vain if you want, but the last thing I wanted was to be somewhere having fun and knowing I was without a stitch of cosmetics. I would look in the mirror and see my least favorite relatives looking back! Bleah. I did not hesitate to call, make an appointment, and go to trouble of traveling from Juneau to Anchorage to have the procedure done.

When I arrived I was instantly put at ease with your ‘everyone’s favorite host’ personality! You are great! Before, during, and after the procedure you were fantastic at making sure I knew what was coming. There was not a moment that I did not feel completely at ease. Then when the procedure was done and I was relaxing under the cool icepacks, you marched me over and performed microdermabrasion for some extreme hyperpigmentation I have on my face (the first time I heard that word was from you!) Plus, I didn’t know there was any remedy for that! And since I did not specifically ask for this painless and highly beneficial procedure, about which I was not previously aware, you only charged me half price!

So I am back in Juneau now, enjoying: no more having to apply liquid liner on my upper and lower lid; no more smudging; no more smearing; no more mistakes and having to start over; and no more ugly globs of black makeup forming on the corners of my eye! I hated that.

Now I feel free and beautiful everyday and what’s even better….my husband loves it too.

Thank you Liza! One of these days I am coming up there for a lipstick job!! If any of your potential clients want to talk to me about the upper and lower eyeliner procedure before they commit, please give them my e-mail address. I would be happy to talk to them about my experience and what they can expect.

Your devoted client,
Bobbi McCutcheon
Freelance Graphic Illustrator

Dear LiZa,
I’m writing to let you know how wonderful it still is to look in the mirror every morning and see that I have beautiful natural looking brows.  For forty-five years I have yearned to have the lovely dark brows the rest of my family has.  Mine were so pale and sparse people would sometimes stare at me.  I’m so grateful for the way you made me feel so comfortable, for your attention to detail, and artistic abilities.  I no longer have to run to the bathroom to apply my eyebrows before anyone sees me, and don’t have to worry about part of my “brows” smudging off if I touch my forehead.  You are truly a treasure.  As soon as I save up enough money, I want the “works”!

Warm Regards, C. Ruth


Today I saw my gynecologist for my every 2 year check up.  Of course I
showed him my new tattoos.  He said “those are tattoos?”  He said he learned
something from a patient.  So he was impressed.  I said it was the business
Wake up with Makeup.

Just more compliments on your work.  You WILL get more work by performing
your art work on me you know.  I will be educating the community whenever I

I want to Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for the Most Beautiful Eyes in Anchorage!

Anyone thinking about this procedure can be assured it is pain free and the results fantastic!  I didn’t realize how easy the mornings getting ready for work would be.  My friends are JEALOUS.

All you girls out there that need to apply eyeliner that runs and eyebrows that go away by the end of the day – SEE LIZA!

N. Bernard

Sweet, Sweet, Liza,
Thank You SOOOOOO Much for your help…..I can’t tell you how much I
appreciate being able to work with professional people who are ethical and
beautiful…inside and out!!

Hugs & Kisses to you!
Kari Boatner

I have been to a number of permanent make-up artists and have seen the work of many more and I have never seen work as beautifully and carefully done as the work done by Liza.  Her service of permanent make-up is done with a great deal of personal consideration for the uniquely individual needs of each client.  I would not trust anyone else to do this type of work. I have had my eyebrows, lips, and liner done by Liza and love every bit of it!

Wasilla, AK

Hi LiZa,
I thank you, not only for the wake up call, but the reminder that life is precious, and should be in the priority list (ourselves as well as our friends).

Liza, you have been a “Long Distance Mentor” for me. Not only in procedural tips, but also with a certain “political trial/ordeal” I went through.

I’m sorry I am going to miss your “Masters Advanced Training Class”.  I will be gone on my only vacation this year (to Cancun, Mexico I am so sad I am missing such a valuable experience.  Please let me know of any and all future (similar) advanced classes/seminars that might be forthcoming.

Thanks for all that you are, and all that you do, and all that you give,


I was first introduced to Liza through a friend who had Liza apply her permanent eye liner.  I had read about this procedure and was eager to find someone in Anchorage who was qualified and certified in cosmetic tattooing.  Liza brings not only years of experience in the cosmetics industry to her profession, but unlike many in this particular field, she brings a level of professionalism that is attained only through training, certification, and the maintenance that is required of those who choose to be board certified.  When you sit in Liza’s chair you are sitting in the chair of a professional with years of experience and the added knowledge that only comes from the years of teaching experience she has dedicated to those generations of cosmetologists choosing careers in this field.

At our first meeting we determined that I should not only have permanent eye liner, but also permanent eye shadow (I just recently had Liza add permanent lip color to my face palette).  I prefer a very clean, minimalist makeup look and don’t have time to reapply makeup in the middle of my day.  Permanent cosmetics has allowed me the ability to look professional and “put together” on a daily basis without having to spend large amounts of time or daily effort on an activity that has never been in my top ten most “fun” things to do.

The most exasperating part of makeup that I have found as I age, I’m 42, is having my eyeliner, shadow, or lipstick running, or creasing as the day wears on.  With permanent makeup this is no longer a concern.  And an added bonus is that I can now choose to exercise whenever I want, morning, noon, or night.   Because most of my makeup is permanent I look better when I’m working out and reapplying my “face” is much faster, easier and time efficient.

One of the questions I hear from girlfriends is, “What if you want to look different, say for an evening out?”  When Liza does your initial meeting she will recommend certain color palettes, and procedures for your face.  She takes the shape of face, eyes, and lips, condition of skin, coloring, and your lifestyle into consideration before making these suggestions, and her desired outcome is “enhancement” of your natural beauty, not a “fake” or plasticized look that can’t be altered.  If I want an “evening look” all I have to do is add a depth of color to the permanent eye shadow that is already there, and, for myself, a more refined, matte foundation, and concealer along with my mascara.  Viola!  Add high heels and I’m out the door…

When I first started going to Liza I was not aware that she is also a cosmetic aesthetician.   I have suffered with a growing problem with Rosacea since I was a teenager.  I have seen several dermatologists for this condition over the years and have been treated with topical and oral medications to very little avail.  The redness was increasing around my nose and eyes, dry, itchy eczema patches were appearing, along with dark spots caused by sun exposure under both eyes on the check bone areas.  My face was blotchy, dry, and irritated and makeup was only exacerbating the problem, not covering it up!  Liza put me on a regimen of several Intense Pulsed Light treatments and  light microdermabrasion every six weeks.  I no longer have the dark spots; the Rosacea is gone (as long as I’m faithful to the treatments).   My skin texture is clear, and soft, and it does seem to help diminish wrinkles.  I have had both friends that I see frequently and acquaintances that I see occasionally comment on my “youthful” look!  And most pleasing for me, my skin is much more pleasant to live in and with than it has been in decades.  Without Liza’s help I would have continued on with treatments that were boomeranging my skin from red and blotchy to dry and itchy.   Now I wake up in the morning knowing that not only do I look healthier and more youthful but, I have an inside track to starting my day out looking beautiful without hours of prep that can be ruined and running down my face in minutes by heat or rain.

And I also know that I owe this wonderful gift to Liza’s expertise and TLC.

Sheila C

My appearance and my beauty confidence have changed dramatically since having my eyebrows permanently applied.  My brows are naturally blonde and were not visible because they were so light.  Having no brow color at all left my
face looking naked–there was definitely something lacking in my appearance.
I’ve attempted throughout the years to have them dyed and spent many
morning hours applying makeup to my brows to add some color, framing, and
shape to my face.  This process was tedious and pricey, and I never quite
got the results I was after.

Working with Liza at Wake Up with Makeup was extremely positive and also, enjoyable.  She has immense passion for her work and will provide nothing but the very best to her clients.  She’s very generous with the time and resources and effort she gives to the services she provides.

She knew exactly the shape and color my brows should be, and
gave me beautiful brows that look very natural and complimentary to my face.
I look my best now, because Liza is the best.  I recommend her services to
anyone because you can trust in her services–she is constantly involved in
learning and mastering all the latest and best techniques and is committed
to pleasing her clients and providing nothing but the best service
available.  She is wonderful, and I am 100% satisfied with her work.

D Daniels
Fairbanks Alaska


LiZa, Thanks, I’m FANTASTIC!  And my “makeup” is even better.  Yup, I’ve noticed the itchy
brows; I took a swipe at ’em a couple times last night in my sleep, which
woke me up…. “Good gravy, what have I done??”  But otherwise, I’ve managed
to keep ’em lubed with ointment and keep my hands away as well.  But wow,
they look good, the shape of the brows is just perfect, so graceful.  And
I’m impressed with the lashes… You really got in there!  Not a bit of
butt-white-eyelid to be seen in them.  Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Kimberly D.

After fighting “raccoon eyes” for years, I took the plunge in 2002 and had permanent eyeliner put on my upper and lower eyelids.  Being over the age of 50, I discussed with Liza that I wanted natural liner that blended and did not want heavy eyes.  She did such a fabulous job, and my eyes look dark and natural.  When the subject comes up and I show people my eyes, they can’t believe it’s “tattooed” on. The best part is, I “wake up with makeup” every morning and its great!

Judy Estes-Smith

Hi LiZa,
Just wanted to take a quick moment to once again thank you for the
wonderful impact you have made on my life.  I used to be so worried to do
brows, but I’ve now become very proud of my work because of what I have
learned from you!!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU so very, very
much. You are my mentor!
Love always,
Wendy I.

I wish I knew you.  I think you were the one in Dallas last October that was doing the eye liner shadowing, wearing a mask with a cat puss on the front.  I liked you then and I am so grateful to be able to come to you for help.  Thank you and thank Pat Connell for bringing me to you.

Anne Kreig
Permanent Cosmetic Technician
North Carolina

For the last 33 years I listened to my husband telling me that I should not use a “pencil” on my eyes.  After looking for about 3 years for someone I could trust to apply permanent makeup I found you.  I made an appointment after visiting your office.  I traveled to Anchorage without telling my husband about my appointment as I knew he would have tried to talk me out of getting the makeup put on as he would worry. The day after getting the makeup I went home where my husband met me at the airport gate.  I asked him what he thought of my makeup.  His comment was it was “brighter” than what I normally wore.  I told him it was permanent and that it would take a week or two to fade some.  While I was healing, which did not take long, he watched and kept commenting on how nice it looked, and now he didn’t have to worry about a pencil near my eyes every day!  We are both very happy with the results!

I can go snow machining and arrive with makeup on!!  I love waking up with makeup!!

Thank you, Liza!!
Melinda Lym

Liza has given me a very natural looking “eye liner” which looks more like thick lashes than anything else.  She’s a wizard with color mixing to complement a person’s eyes, hair and skin tone.  She’ll also be filling in my rapidly turning white eyebrows!
She’s good at explaining procedures and recommends the best products for maximum results. Liza’s deep understanding of how women can feel about themselves is comforting.  I always leave her clinic more upbeat than when I entered!  Thanx, Liza!!  PJM

Liza, Thank you so much for the beautiful work you did on my eyeliner and brows.  Your skills are extraordinary, your office is immaculate, your personality is over the top and your music is soothing.  I am just so glad that I took the advice of a friend and called you for an appointment.  You are simply the best!  Linda M

Liza Sims is the best Permanent Cosmetics Professional!

This is Suzette Dray and just though I would let you know that I had no trouble with my eyebrows healing and they look MARVELOUS!!!
Thank you so much again! I’m back down south again and hope to see you in January.

August 06, 2008 by Suzette Dray in Junction City, OR

Liza Sims did my brows

I wanted to say thank you so much. I am so happy with them. Really they have changed my life. I feel so much more comfortable now about how I look around the house and outside. So many people have said they looked nice and some have even said they didn’t know they were tattooed and they look so real.

March 02, 2009 by C. Turner in Anchorage, AK


LiZa Sims, an Incredible Permanent Cosmetics Instructor.

I have been with Liza for almost a year now as an apprentice/ understudy for permanent cosmetics. I read message boards and talk to ‘seasoned’ artists and I am amazed at how much more I know than they do and I have not even begun on my own yet. It’s all about the training and LiZa is thorough, is good at explaining and she does not believe in fast track training of 5-7 day classes. Now that I have been working in permanent makeup for almost a year, I am shocked and dismayed that people even offer fast track training. Liza’s training is awesome, I have learned so much!

December 24, 2008 by Mina Fujimoto in Anchorage, AK


Review of “Wake up with makeup”

Any woman who wants to look young and beautiful needs to get in contact with Liza Sims and “Wake Up With Makeup”. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about her chosen field, and does an incredible job, but she is also a fabulous person.
I can only say wonderful things about her and her business. Since going to Liza I have had numerous people ask me about how I keep my face so young looking. I tell them it’s because of Liza, her treatments, her attention to detail, her love of what she’s doing, and her thirst for the latest innovations in her field. She is one of a kind and I am honored to be her customer and her friend.                            August 08, 2008 by Sheila Balistreri in Anchorage, AK

Merchant Response: “Sheila – my hero! IF I was younger than her, she would be my role model! ha” – August 08, 2008

Wake Up With Makeup / CosmeticTattoo.com 5


Your products are very unique and amazing! Thanks!

January 28, 2010 by NAPW, The National Association Of Professional Women in Garden City, NY

Wake Up with Makeup is so much more than its name represents.  I was searching for a cosmetic tattoo professional, due to medical scarring, at which time LiZa was recommended to me by a reputable physician’s office.  As it turned out I spent the better part of a year in Liza’s chair.  Every possible attempt was made by her to provide me with the best results.  I found her to be extremely professional as well as a dear friend.  Over that year I watched her talents performed on other clients, with their permission, and observed her extend the same 110 percent to others as well.  LiZa took a personal interest in treating my son for acne and scarring with superior results.  She has a talent for creating a comfortable atmosphere for any age or gender.  Without reservation I highly recommend her for your Wake Up with Makeup needs.


Houston, TX


Hi again LiZa.

You are very helpful.  You seem to have a deeper understanding of the processes of permanent makeup than most!  Down to a science!  I look to you for your unflappable honesty, humor, and knowledge of all things pertaining to permanent cosmetics! We are so lucky to have you!

Nikki M, California


Liza’s a sweetheart.  She’s very personable and very professional.

Permanent makeup can do for you what you can’t (or just won’t) do for yourself.  Liza’s studio is very professional.

I feel very comfortable in her care.

I trust her hands, her coordination, & her opinion.   The smoke grey eyeliner brings out the green in my eyes.   Every day I wake up to perfect eyebrows … no eyebrow pencil needed.

It gives me the confidence to face the world without makeup … it gives me that naturally beautiful glow.

Melany W, Homer Alaska


My first go-around with permanent makeup few years ago was not a pleasant experience. When I finally decided to go back and have my permanent eyeliner fixed and refreshed, I went to Liza. Thankfully! Her obvious long-time experience and state-of-the-art equipment made my experience with permanent makeup remarkably painless and totally satisfying. Liza worked with me until my eyeliner was perfect, the way I wanted it to be. Just the right thickness, just the right color, just the right evenness. I’m thrilled with the look and the time that I save every morning! Thanks Liza!

-Stephanie W.
Anchorage, AK


During my late 50’s I watched myself disappear right before my eyes.  My hair and complexion paled, along with my eyes, eyebrows, and lips.  I certainly didn’t feel as old as I looked.  Makeup helped but what a bother!  Besides, I enjoy fishing, camping, and living my life “on the spur of the moment” without packing a suitcase of cosmetics every time an opportunity occurred.

So — for my 60th birthday, I gave myself an absolutely fabulous gift:
permanent makeup . . . eyebrows, eyeliner and lips!!

And, I’ve enjoyed it tremendously since.  Well, maybe not the first couple days, but even that wasn’t bad.
It was a scary decision for someone who has never done anything like this.  Liza was patient, enthusiastic, encouraging and listened well to what I wanted.  She spent literally hours making sure I was going to be happy with the outcome.  My only regret is that I didn’t have it done sooner.

Wasilla, AK